Shipping Industry Need Of The Hour

Various industries, cutting across sectors, have adopted legislation promoting economical and environmentally conscious use of precious fuels. However, there is one exception – Marine Transport Industry. It has avoided efforts to draft and enforce legislation on responsible use of fuel and putting in adequate safeguards to ensure minimal pollution. This is surprising as this industry is one of the largest in the world. It is the backbone of globalization and international commerce.

Though no specific reasons have been assigned by the giant sector for refusing to draft emission protocols, there are a number of motivations for skipping the legislation. Transportation and logistics industry involves a mixture of huge logistical challenges with transportation of large cargoes and materials. This requires high fuel consumption and placement of efficient turbines and ship engines, all of which is costly. The increasing fuel prices have also done little to improve the margins for these companies.

Presently, it is very difficult to categorize the goods, which are shipped in bulk around the globe. Specific industries like automobiles, industrial machinery have it easy, but household goods transported by big e-commerce websites lose out of classification. Usually, items shipped by online websites are small in number, but they have to bear the costs incurred in large shipments. Implementation of standard green protocols will tremendously boost international online trade. At present, countries have their own local online logistic giants.

Online Cargo Shipping Technology Streamlines Process For Shippers

Over the past several years, the cargo shipping industry has undergone significant changes. With the advent of the internet, the best shipping companies are leveraging this powerful technology to improve their level of service and to make shipping easier for their customers.

So, just what technological improvements have been made in the cargo shipping industry?

o Free instant quotes online – In the past, shippers didn’t know how much it’d cost to deliver their packages until they took it in to their local cargo shipping provider. Thanks to the internet, anyone can now get a free instant quote online. The best shipping companies have simple forms you can fill out to get an estimate for your shipment. Common fields you must complete to get a quote include ship to and ship from details, shipping service desired (air, ocean, truck, etc.), and general information about the package being shipped. Instant online quotes are great for budgeting funds for shipping your goods.

o 24/7 real-time shipment tracking – For shippers who need to know where their goods are at all times and when they’ll reach their destination, new 24/7 real-time online shipment tracking is crucial. At the time shipping services are purchased, customers are given a unique tracking number. The customers can then visit the cargo shipping company’s website, enter the tracking number, and see exactly where their shipment is at the moment. This gives the shipper peace of mind, and it’s helpful in coordinating delivery or customs clearance of the shipment.

o Online customer service – Many cargo shipping companies have supplemented their traditional phone and in-person customer service with online customer service. Internet customer service mediums may also include live online chat and email. Online customer service is advantageous as customers don’t have to wait on hold, saving time and hassle.

o Insurance claims – No shipper wants to file a claim on their shipment. Doing so means their shipment has been damaged, and dealing with insurance companies can be difficult.. Thankfully, filing a claim has been made easier than ever before with the internet. The best cargo shipping companies provide step-by-step instructions on their website for filing claims. Some shipping companies also let you send notification of your intent to file a claim via email and submit documents which do not require a signature. If you do choose to notify the shipping company of your intention to file a claim via email, make sure to request an acknowledgment of receipt so it’s documented that your email has reached the right department.

o Service overviews – From air cargo shipping to ocean shipping and express air to inland trucking, the number of shipping services are numerous. It’s important that shippers understand all of their options so they can save money and get their goods to their destination on time. The best shipping companies fully detail their service options on their website, empowering shippers to make the best choice for their needs.

The Basics of Shipping Products Overseas

The overseas marketplace can be a highly lucrative business market. Many small businesses tend to stay clear of the overseas market because they are not familiar with the shipping process. When a business acquires knowledge about shipping products overseas, they will find it is much easier to tap into a huge market.

Shipping product overseas has a number of different features then regular domestic shipping. In order to take advantage of the overseas market, one has to be to be aware of the aspects involved with shipping products overseas. The key to finding the best overseas shipment method is to do your homework. There are number of ways one can ship their products overseas such as USPS, UPS, FedEx, and companies that specialize in shipping items overseas. Because some companies are cheaper than others, it is important to compare shipping prices and how each company transports their products. You may be able to negotiate volume discounts with a shipping service for certain types of shipments.

When packaging a product for shipment, it is important that the package is packed properly in order to minimize damage. When shipping items overseas, packages pass through many hands so a well packed item will help avoid damage. The package should have the correct labeling to help avoid disruption in shipment or a lost shipment. You must also have the proper documentation that meets your country’s requirements as well as the receiving country’s requirements. Typical documentation includes air waybills, bill of lading, commercial invoice, consular invoice, certificate of origin, NAFTA certificate of origin, inspection certification, dock receipt and a warehouse receipt, destination control statement, and shipper’s export declaration. You should also make sure that the item is insured against damage and loss. When packing the item, conceal the identity of the content and make sure the item is in compliance with environmental and safety standards.

Because of the large number of considerations and steps involved in physically shipping products overseas, most people enlist an international shipping company to perform these services. International shippers are knowledgeable about the overseas port systems, so they will know details such as packaging and the required documentation. Shipping overseas normally involves a number parties that can include shipper, consignee, (usually the client or importer representing client) notify party, (client or a third party), freight forwarder, (shipping agent coordinating the process) and the Customs broker (helps clear Customs for the imported products)

If one does not want to use a shipping company, they should prepare their shipment utilizing the following guidelines:

- Pack in strong and well-sealed containers. Label the boxes clearly.
- The weight should be uniformly distributed to provide secure bracing in the container
- Packaging should be moisture resistant.
- Do not pack any materials that are on a countries import prohibited list. This can include such items as weapons, pesticides, flammable products..etc. Each country has a list of prohibited items. Make sure that you check the list before you ship your package.

Basically, you should hire a specialized company to ship your products like Expak Logistics. Prices and services can vary from company to company. For instance, some companies may use different shipment routes. When looking for a company to send your products overseas, shop around and don’t hesitate to ask a lot of questions. A little knowledge and research can open up a huge new market for your business.